Living the Dream

I fell in love.
Big time.
I don’t want to leave, ever.
I want to stay forever
To live the dream;
Be whatever I want to be;
To find myself, my own way.
If only I could stay.
A second passed.
I was disenchanted.
Reality struck hard.
It’s me again,
Living in the dream.




Hey there.

I am at the office right now in front of my computer and I can’t work. Heck I’m so sleepy. I can’t think straight and all I can think about is you…

Did I just type that? Yeah, I did. Why am I so dramatic these days? I’ll admit: these past few days, I’ve been daydreaming a lot. Like a lot. I’m reminiscing and wishing that I have the power to turn back time so that I’ll be back to the time that you’re that comical little guy who was in love with me.

Well, you said you were. I remember every detail of it. I admit that I was unbelieving at first. I also did not trust myself to fall for you because I know I’m going to be hurt in the end. So I just hung on and waited to see if you were telling the truth. I told you to hold on and wait for me because I just knew that it was not the right time and I was not prepared enough. I admit I was a bit playing hardball that time.

You held on. I saw you, at peripheral view, showing how you cared for me. I remember the night that you even said it directly to me. You loved me. And as I looked into your eyes, I just knew, you were the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

It sounds corny, but yes, I felt that. Yet, I was still a coward. I didn’t know how to do it that time. I expected too much. I guess I was so sure that you’ll always be there for me until the time that I become ready. I think I took you for granted. I did not even notice you slipping away from me when we parted ways. My life continued. I almost forgot about you. Almost.

Then I saw you again. I was hoping that you’ll look at me like how you’ve looked at me before. It took me long enough to realize that it will not happen. I was confused and hurt, but I never admitted it. Even to myself. We parted again and I guess I was hoping at the back of my mind that fate is only waiting for the right time to bring me back to you.

The right time came. Our paths crossed again, but this time, you had someone else with you. I ached again but I convinced myself that I hated you for lying to me. You said before that you loved me and you’ll wait for me, but there you were: you found someone else.

I watched you from afar. You were happy. I envied you. But I was also sad that I hated you when you were happy. So I gave up. I tried to get a life. I tried to be happy for you. I even found someone else too, and I was glad because I thought that even though we’re parted, we will be both happy.

But I never was. I became confused. I was sorrowed once more because I knew I hurt someone because of my love for you. Yeah, it was then that I realized that I love you, that I’ve loved you ever since you first told me that you did. Then I went through deep pain because I knew that I will never have you again.

When I heard that you parted ways with her, I’ll admit that I was surprised. Yes, a bit overjoyed too. This time, I hope I am not a fool again to wait for fate to bring you back to me. Here I am, waiting and wishing in silence. I am becoming more and more impatient as time goes by and nothing happens still. So I am thinking that maybe this time, it’s my turn to give a go. Yet, as the coward that I am, I don’t know how to do it. How am I gonna confess that you are still the one that I see my future with? I blame this to my arrogance and fears. It scares me that I’ll pass the chance again. What if this is my last chance?

I don’t think I’m ever gonna have the courage to tell you personally everything that I wanted to say to you, all the more than I’m never gonna have the guts to give you this letter. I don’t even know why I wrote this. It’s all maybe because I’m too sleepy. Yeah, maybe I’ll take a nap and who knows… maybe I’ll dream about you and your arms around me. But then again, I fear that I’m just going to be disenchanted when I wake up and realize that you’ll just exist in my dreams forever. So I’ll just sit here, wait for the bell to ring, and save this letter until the time that it’ll find its own way to you.

I am Jill


I am Jill. I’m 25 years old. Other than that, I cannot remember a single thing about myself.

I just woke up last night under this tree in front of this apartment. I had no memory of what happened before that. I cannot even remember where I came from.

A man came out of the apartment. I approached him to ask for help. I called to him. But he did not seem to hear me. He just walked straight ahead, as if I wasn’t there.

I neared the apartment entrance. I caught sight of the poster attached to its window. It read:

Missing: Jill Nyte. Last sighted in front of FM Apartment. Please report immediately to XXXX-XXX-XXXX.

At the center of the page is a picture of a beautiful woman’s face. My face.

I looked at the window to check if I still look the same and I heard my own intake of breath.

I saw no reflection.

At least I now know my last name.

158 words

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer. Thank you TJ Paris for the photo prompt.



Thank you Melony @ SIX STORIES A WEEK for dropping by my blog and giving me this award. I want to thank all of the others out there who happened to stumble on my blog to read my posts. Thank you from the bottom of my red heart. So, to answer the questions from Melony…

What is your favourite midnight snack?
I can eat any food at midnight given that I’m hungry.

What was your favourite toy as a child?
Doll House

What would you want to have written on your tombstone?
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
I’ve read it in Harry Potter 🙂

What is your phone’s ringtone right now?
None. It’s in silent mode. Always.

What is your current wallpaper on your phone/computer?
Phone: Myself on a cliff, at the top of the mountain. Computer: Oscar the Grouch saying “there’ll always be better days”.
The reason why I set it as my wallpaper was not asked but I’m going to tell anyway. Phone: It’s a reminder for me to give time to myself to travel and explore the world. Computer: It’s a reminder for me that, well, there’ll always be better days.

What is your guilty pleasure movie?
On the Job (Philippine indie film). I love it because it revealed a lot on the unfairness of life using authority and power.

If your life was a reality show what would you call it?
What’s On Your Mind?

If you could only be in love once and it was passionate but ended with a heart break, would you still choose to fall in love or would you never fall in love?
Of course I would choose to fall in love… but with someone else who’s worth the risk.

If you tried to fail and you succeeded, was it a failure or a success?
It’s a success because you succeeded in failing.
Does that made any sense?

Have you ever collected something? What was it?

Are you a night owl or a morning person?
Rarely both. I’m a sleeper. At the moment.

Here are my nominations for the Award:

What You Have To Do:

Nominate up to 11 other bloggers yourself (preferably those with fewer than 500 followers, this is more of a newbie award). Provide those bloggers with 11 questions of your own for them to answer. Don’t forget to put the Liebster Award sticker on your blog!
And here are the 11 questions for you:

1. In what place would you love to go to right now and why?
2. If you are to die tomorrow, what will you do in your last 24 hours?
3. What is the last sentence that you said to your special someone?
4. What is your biggest regret in life to date?
5. What is the most heroic act that you’ve done for someone?
6. What do you love about your work now to make you stay?
7. What do you hate about your work now to make you quit?
8. What do you think about death?
9. What is your opinion about the moral principle of others: “the right to die”?
10. What is your most interesting personality?
11. What do you think about heaven and hell?

Enjoy! 🙂



The blinding sunlight woke him. He looked around.

How the heck did I end up sleeping in the middle of the road?!

He stood and explored the place.

Where on earth are the people?

He walked and walked until he came to a field. He saw a man tending the field.

Finally! A man!

He approached. “Excuse me, mister. I’m lost. Can you tell me what place is this?”

The man didn’t seem to hear him.

“Mister? I’m lost and am very tired. Please help me.” He begged ad touched the man’s shoulder to get his attention.

The man slowly looked his way and raised the rake high. Seconds passed before it registered to him that the gesture was meant as an attack. What the…?!  Adrenaline rushed to his head. He stumbled as he ran for his life.

Where am I? What is happening?

He had no idea that he was the last one.

154 words

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.



I stopped at a messy eatery to rest.

I’ve gone a long way searching. I cannot stop now.

I am exploring this place for a year now. Everything has changed since my last visit and every unfamiliar part of it seems to yell at me that I don’t belong. Yet, I can still remember our exchange underneath a lantern almost identical to the one hanging above my head. My words are still ringing in my ears as if I said it yesterday. I can recall every detail when I gave my heart pinned with a promise, hundred years ago, in this planet.

I’ll find you in another lifetime after this.

I came back to keep my promise. I have to.

119 words

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo is provided by TJ Paris.



I wish some magic would turn me into a man. A real man who can run to the fields with her, give her a flower, tell her she’s beautiful, and lie on the grass beside her gazing at the stars…

Having the chance to see her and listen to her stories everyday gives me joy. She even tells me her deep thoughts: how she thinks this world has lost its beauty and become cruel even to those who once became loyal to it.

I didn’t see her today. Maybe she didn’t go out. Night came and I started to feel sad… until I saw her running to me. She looked even more beautiful in the moonlight. She came to me and embraced me and only then did I noticed her tear-stained face and the bad people behind her with stake and fire.

The fire was quick to swallow us. I did not hear her scream. I just felt her hands around me, and I wish again and again tha…………

176 words

This post is for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.