Of all the words of tongue and pen;
With all the sweetest things made by men;
Given all that I ever did, yet here I am,
Staring, trying hard, mentally blocked again.

I was once a good one, yes!
Even my friends thought so, I guess.
Whenever I go back and all my pieces I see,
I always ask myself, “Were these really from me?”

As I sit here alone, staring blankly,
Watching the people while sipping my coffee,
Trying to get inspiration even from a rotting tree,
I beg my mind with all my heart to speak for me.

Are my brain cells that rusty?
Or did I just lose my creativity?
What inspiration do I need?
Did my motivation simply dimmed?

If only I chased my real ambition before,
Maybe this wouldn’t be difficult anymore.
I couldn’t help now but daydream
Of what great writer I could’ve been.

But nope, I will not let this make me cry.
I can still pursue my dream, at least I’ll try.
So far, the sixth verse is doing well, you see.
Doesn’t matter if you won’t humor me.

It is still one of my God-given skills,
Though not yet something that can pay the bills.
Through this I can be the witness
Of His love, grace, and goodness.

Writing will be a passion forever.
It is what holds my sanity together.
So I’ll propose a toast using my coffee,
“To the great writer that someday I’ll be”.

Some lines are borrowed. Forgot where, though. Credits to the owner, anyway.



I can’t believe this is happening
I can still remember people saying,
“You’ll no longer be a single man,
all your happy days will be gone.”

But as I stand here right now
and in front of God I’ve made my vow,
this day when I accepted you as my wife
is surely the happiest day of my life.

Today will be the start of forever
we’ll be facing each new day together.
Believe me; every word I say is true.
And so, please say “I do”.

wedding song

I attended a wedding of my friend. My favorite part is when he read his vows to his bride. He actually cried! The words were slurred and they weren’t much to make the scene the most romantic but the emotion just made me shed tears of joy myself seeing this happy couple being bonded in front of God. The event was so sweet I just had to put it into brief, “cheesy” words…

Kung Ako Si Kat…

Kung ako siya, marami akong gustong gawin.
Marami rin akong nakikitang gusto kong baguhin.
Ang mga mali ay aking itatama,
at itutuwid ang kumakanan at kumakaliwa.

Kung ako siya, marami akong pagkakataon
na magbagong-buhay ngayong taon.
Ang mga nasa panganib ay aking tutulungan,
Ang mga nakasasalat ay aking bibigyan.
Tuturuan ko ang mga mas pinagpala
na ibahagi ang pagkaing kanilang inihahanda.
Ituturo ko rin sa mga mangmang
ang lahat ng bagay na hindi pa nila alam.
Gagawin ko ‘yon lahat
kung ako lang si Kat,
kaso hindi naman ako siya.
Paano na ‘yan? Hala…

Kung hindi naman ako si Kat,
susuportahan ko siya dapat
kasi siya ang nasa posisyon na ‘yon
pero kailangan niya rin ng aking tulong.
Mahirap maging siya,
iyon ba ay naisip mo na?
Ang magdesisyon para sa nakararami
at isantabi ang hangaring pansarili.

At kahit hindi pa siya si Kat,
Matuwid lang siya, iyon ay sapat.
Sapagkat siya ang iniluklok,
sa kanya ako’y magpapasakop.

Living Underneath the Shadows

Cartoons_The_robot_looks_at_the_cockroach_cartoon_098156_Out of the dark that puts a shadow
Over the place she called home
Silently unlike any other,
Underneath the black shade she’d roam.

She’d dance around gently, unnoticed
Seeking calmly and creeping quietly
Searching for pleasure until she ceased
But wander she did, ever so slowly.

Some feared and loathed her
But she never bothered.
They never tried to wonder
Why her existence mattered.

Just at that moment of happiness
Will then she’d smell her death.
Like a heroin it would cause her faintness
There’ll begin all her torment.

She longed to have a happy ending
So she’d fly above the shadow
Not knowing seconds are just remaining
Until her life would end in sorrow.

Writer’s Note: This is a poem inspired by a cockroach. Really.


silver-bellsRibbons and bows around;
Children: I can hear them giggle.
Those many lights above
They flicker and shine and twinkle.

Homes are all garnished
With red, white, and green;
What a lovely sight they bring.
They seem to invite me in.

Not the treats, not the gifts;
Not even the humongous feast;
Why do I differ from others?
I cherish those things the least.

The lighted stars; the mistletoe;
The giant trees furnished amazingly;
The gifts wrapped in glossy packages –
Oh how fine they are to me!

Whenever this season loom,
They all make me joyful and bright.
Just looking at them really sends me
Hooting in sheer delight.

I smiled as I stand there,
Gazing at them pleasurably.
I think I can stay here forever,
Just marveling at their unutterable beauty.

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