Of all the words of tongue and pen;
With all the sweetest things made by men;
Given all that I ever did, yet here I am,
Staring, trying hard, mentally blocked again.

I was once a good one, yes!
Even my friends thought so, I guess.
Whenever I go back and all my pieces I see,
I always ask myself, “Were these really from me?”

As I sit here alone, staring blankly,
Watching the people while sipping my coffee,
Trying to get inspiration even from a rotting tree,
I beg my mind with all my heart to speak for me.

Are my brain cells that rusty?
Or did I just lose my creativity?
What inspiration do I need?
Did my motivation simply dimmed?

If only I chased my real ambition before,
Maybe this wouldn’t be difficult anymore.
I couldn’t help now but daydream
Of what great writer I could’ve been.

But nope, I will not let this make me cry.
I can still pursue my dream, at least I’ll try.
So far, the sixth verse is doing well, you see.
Doesn’t matter if you won’t humor me.

It is still one of my God-given skills,
Though not yet something that can pay the bills.
Through this I can be the witness
Of His love, grace, and goodness.

Writing will be a passion forever.
It is what holds my sanity together.
So I’ll propose a toast using my coffee,
“To the great writer that someday I’ll be”.

Some lines are borrowed. Forgot where, though. Credits to the owner, anyway.




My heart is beating fast. This is the first time in a long time that I felt this way again. Right now, all the episodes of my life where adrenaline got the best of me flashes back, as if I am living it all again. It all came rushing to me as fast as the beat of my heart…

Graduation day. You looked into my eyes, right before the ceremony started, and poured out your feelings for me. Even though I was unbelieving at first, the adrenaline came rushing to my head and I was able to brilliantly deliver my speech as the Summa Cum Laude of our batch. When I finished the speech, I scanned and searched among the faces of the audience while they gave me a standing ovation. It was not only your face that I found in the midst of that crowd then, but you, the love of my life, and that was then that I knew that I love you, too…

Marrying you. I felt the strong emotions flooded me as I clung to my father’s arm, though I was not sure if it was fear, worry or embarrassment. The doors in front of me opened and I did not notice that my steps were not in tune with the beautiful music because of my nerves. In my haste to close the distance between me and the altar, I nearly tripped over my long dress, if it weren’t for my father holding me tight to his arm. I composed myself and looked straight, and I thought it was your eyes which caused me to calm down and just relish the moment. It was then that I realized that the adrenaline rush was because of the love that brought us together at that place and time, which also helped me bring out the promises and formed them into words that I knew I will fulfill for the rest of my life…

Giving birth. The hurt in my tummy was killing me. I was transferred into a different hospital; the reason, I don’t know. Or care. I just wanted them to take away the pain. As if that was not enough, they told me to wait a little longer for the stretcher that will transfer me to a different room. Maybe it was because of the pain which was too much for me or the worry that my baby couldn’t take it any longer, I jumped out of the bed and screamed to the nurses to assist me to the room. What I remembered to happen next was looking at you holding our beautiful daughter, Andrea. You were there all along; you watched us (me and our daughter) and I knew that you were proud of us with the courage that we both showed you that time.

Protecting her. You were still at work when the burglar broke into our home. I was afraid and I did not know what to do. He had a knife and he was asking me to give him the code to our vault. I thought Andrea was asleep but I was shocked to see her running to the thief. I screamed but the man was faster than me. He grabbed Andrea and threatened to hurt her if I didn’t give him what he wanted. That was when I blacked out and the next thing I knew was that you were pulling me off the man and stopping me from stabbing his eye with his own knife. I realized I was bleeding and I remember you telling me that it was the bravest thing that I did just to protect our daughter.

After all those years, I never imagined that those feelings will come back to me, until today.

It’s your birthday. I plan to surprise you by showing up at your office but I’m the one who was surprised as I saw you at the other side of the street, waving at me. I waited for the signal to turn green. I waited with contentment in my heart, knowing that in just 33 seconds, I will be closing the distance between us.

With 10 seconds still left before the go-signal, I found myself crossing the street to push an unknown child, who crossed a little too early, out of the way of a ten-wheeler truck. I quickly looked at you again and saw your eyes fill with horror. I felt the beating of my heart as it became faster than the seconds ticking at the signal. 1, 2, 3, 4. Faster it went until I lost count, and then everything went black…

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Living the Dream

I fell in love.
Big time.
I don’t want to leave, ever.
I want to stay forever
To live the dream;
Be whatever I want to be;
To find myself, my own way.
If only I could stay.
A second passed.
I was disenchanted.
Reality struck hard.
It’s me again,
Living in the dream.




I stopped at a messy eatery to rest.

I’ve gone a long way searching. I cannot stop now.

I am exploring this place for a year now. Everything has changed since my last visit and every unfamiliar part of it seems to yell at me that I don’t belong. Yet, I can still remember our exchange underneath a lantern almost identical to the one hanging above my head. My words are still ringing in my ears as if I said it yesterday. I can recall every detail when I gave my heart pinned with a promise, hundred years ago, in this planet.

I’ll find you in another lifetime after this.

I came back to keep my promise. I have to.

119 words

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo is provided by TJ Paris.



I wish some magic would turn me into a man. A real man who can run to the fields with her, give her a flower, tell her she’s beautiful, and lie on the grass beside her gazing at the stars…

Having the chance to see her and listen to her stories everyday gives me joy. She even tells me her deep thoughts: how she thinks this world has lost its beauty and become cruel even to those who once became loyal to it.

I didn’t see her today. Maybe she didn’t go out. Night came and I started to feel sad… until I saw her running to me. She looked even more beautiful in the moonlight. She came to me and embraced me and only then did I noticed her tear-stained face and the bad people behind her with stake and fire.

The fire was quick to swallow us. I did not hear her scream. I just felt her hands around me, and I wish again and again tha…………

176 words

This post is for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Photo is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode.




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He never had a chance to spend time with his family until they left him. That seems to be his biggest regret.

Black became his companion. He felt the loyalty of a brother, the care of a friend, the longing of a son. Black became his family’s only memorial.

Now, he will be the one leaving.

He wished to stay to give back all the gratitude for Black but he has to face the same war that orphaned him.

He knelt down to bid his final goodbye. “Thank you, Black. Your loyalty and care deserves sharing. I hope you find someone worthy.”

104 words

This is my first try to join a Flash Fiction. Pardon my wrong grammar or shallow story if there be any. I’m just a frustrated writer.