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I was thirteen years old when I became fond of sunsets. It always brings me realizations. It makes me ponder on the day’s events, reflect on the big or little mistakes I did and smile at simple or noble deeds I made. It reminds me that as the day comes to an end, no matter how good or bad it had been, tomorrow will be another day.

As I stand here in the parking area, sadness overpowers the feeling of appreciation for the beauty of the sunset in front of me. Starting today, I will watch the sunset without the man who taught me to see its beauty. I will say goodbye to each day with sorrow, not knowing how I’ll face tomorrow.

I wipe away my tears and gather the strength to say my final goodbyes to my father in front of all who came to his wake.




Of all the words of tongue and pen;
With all the sweetest things made by men;
Given all that I ever did, yet here I am,
Staring, trying hard, mentally blocked again.

I was once a good one, yes!
Even my friends thought so, I guess.
Whenever I go back and all my pieces I see,
I always ask myself, “Were these really from me?”

As I sit here alone, staring blankly,
Watching the people while sipping my coffee,
Trying to get inspiration even from a rotting tree,
I beg my mind with all my heart to speak for me.

Are my brain cells that rusty?
Or did I just lose my creativity?
What inspiration do I need?
Did my motivation simply dimmed?

If only I chased my real ambition before,
Maybe this wouldn’t be difficult anymore.
I couldn’t help now but daydream
Of what great writer I could’ve been.

But nope, I will not let this make me cry.
I can still pursue my dream, at least I’ll try.
So far, the sixth verse is doing well, you see.
Doesn’t matter if you won’t humor me.

It is still one of my God-given skills,
Though not yet something that can pay the bills.
Through this I can be the witness
Of His love, grace, and goodness.

Writing will be a passion forever.
It is what holds my sanity together.
So I’ll propose a toast using my coffee,
“To the great writer that someday I’ll be”.

Some lines are borrowed. Forgot where, though. Credits to the owner, anyway.



My heart is beating fast. This is the first time in a long time that I felt this way again. Right now, all the episodes of my life where adrenaline got the best of me flashes back, as if I am living it all again. It all came rushing to me as fast as the beat of my heart…

Graduation day. You looked into my eyes, right before the ceremony started, and poured out your feelings for me. Even though I was unbelieving at first, the adrenaline came rushing to my head and I was able to brilliantly deliver my speech as the Summa Cum Laude of our batch. When I finished the speech, I scanned and searched among the faces of the audience while they gave me a standing ovation. It was not only your face that I found in the midst of that crowd then, but you, the love of my life, and that was then that I knew that I love you, too…

Marrying you. I felt the strong emotions flooded me as I clung to my father’s arm, though I was not sure if it was fear, worry or embarrassment. The doors in front of me opened and I did not notice that my steps were not in tune with the beautiful music because of my nerves. In my haste to close the distance between me and the altar, I nearly tripped over my long dress, if it weren’t for my father holding me tight to his arm. I composed myself and looked straight, and I thought it was your eyes which caused me to calm down and just relish the moment. It was then that I realized that the adrenaline rush was because of the love that brought us together at that place and time, which also helped me bring out the promises and formed them into words that I knew I will fulfill for the rest of my life…

Giving birth. The hurt in my tummy was killing me. I was transferred into a different hospital; the reason, I don’t know. Or care. I just wanted them to take away the pain. As if that was not enough, they told me to wait a little longer for the stretcher that will transfer me to a different room. Maybe it was because of the pain which was too much for me or the worry that my baby couldn’t take it any longer, I jumped out of the bed and screamed to the nurses to assist me to the room. What I remembered to happen next was looking at you holding our beautiful daughter, Andrea. You were there all along; you watched us (me and our daughter) and I knew that you were proud of us with the courage that we both showed you that time.

Protecting her. You were still at work when the burglar broke into our home. I was afraid and I did not know what to do. He had a knife and he was asking me to give him the code to our vault. I thought Andrea was asleep but I was shocked to see her running to the thief. I screamed but the man was faster than me. He grabbed Andrea and threatened to hurt her if I didn’t give him what he wanted. That was when I blacked out and the next thing I knew was that you were pulling me off the man and stopping me from stabbing his eye with his own knife. I realized I was bleeding and I remember you telling me that it was the bravest thing that I did just to protect our daughter.

After all those years, I never imagined that those feelings will come back to me, until today.

It’s your birthday. I plan to surprise you by showing up at your office but I’m the one who was surprised as I saw you at the other side of the street, waving at me. I waited for the signal to turn green. I waited with contentment in my heart, knowing that in just 33 seconds, I will be closing the distance between us.

With 10 seconds still left before the go-signal, I found myself crossing the street to push an unknown child, who crossed a little too early, out of the way of a ten-wheeler truck. I quickly looked at you again and saw your eyes fill with horror. I felt the beating of my heart as it became faster than the seconds ticking at the signal. 1, 2, 3, 4. Faster it went until I lost count, and then everything went black…

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Visiting Japan: Part 1

I know it’s very, very late for this blog but I just want to share my experience and appreciation during my visit in this country, so humor me.


I worked in a manufacturing company for four years and it’s not everyday that employees were given a chance to visit other countries, but two years ago, June 2015, that was exactly the opportunity that burst at my door. I was selected to join a 4-day business trip to Osaka, Japan (yeah, I know. 4 days ONLY?!).  It was so sudden that I did not have time to think if it was because of my performance or just part of my responsibility that I was selected, but whatever the reason was, I was just thankful and excited at that time. It was my first time and my excitement was very catching that my four middle-aged companions joined me in preparation, jumping up and down.


The flight was 2:00 P.M. It has been 7 years since I last boarded an airplane and since I was the youngest in the group, I got the window seat. Shallow as it may sound but I was amazed at the sight of the clouds. I was like a child again, watching through the plane window, marveling at God’s creation. I silently uttered several thanks to Him for His creation and for giving me chance to behold.

ETA was 7:00 P.M. Japan time (our time is one hour earlier), and after having dinner at a Japanese fast food, we bought breakfast for the next morning in a convenient store and headed straight to My Stays Inn Hotel. We had no time to sightsee because of the dark and the time and we needed to prepare for tomorrow’s schedule. I shared the room with my colleague and together we appreciated its coziness. Every corner and every tool has its own function and like stupid kids we tried using all of it. Because the hotel also had free Wi-Fi, I spent an hour posting and scanning pictures before meditating on my devotion and tucking myself to sleep in the comfortable bed.

My first morning in Japan was a refreshing one. I woke up 4:00 A.M. Japan time and the light outside the hotel window in that early hour proved that it really is the land of the rising sun.

(I guess I’ve already gone to very detailed descriptions of what I did on the first night and first morning. Sorry.  So I guess this is the point in the article where I need to give helpful points with my experience and not just story-tell.)

First, I think I need to give a little background of the company that I’ve previously worked with. The company is a manufacturing company producing sporting goods (e.g. baseball, hockey, and lacrosse gloves) and business and fashion bags imported to the US and Japan. It is like an outsource factory of the head office “Trion” based in Osaka, Japan. The founder and CEO is a Japanese and though we have American customers too, I learned to appreciate more the Japanese customers (no discrimination or offense meant). Also, I was assigned in the Japan-Line business unit so that explains the Japanese-sided mindset. He-he. One of the reasons of our visit in Japan was to have a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and way of life. As a Research & Development Department Supervisor back then, I really had no idea what to expect but then I had come to realize that my previous company had both challenge and opportunity in business with Japanese as customers and end-users of the products. Here are some of the interesting, if not helpful, insights from my Japan visit:

High Technology Level. Almost all things are automated: the parking lot, sliding doors, even the toilet flush. I also noticed a common techie thing in almost every corner of the places we went to: vending machine. I found this amusing and I don’t know why.  They make all their stuff automated to be more convenient for the user and to save time and space. This made me compare it with the technology level of our country and saw the big gap in which we still need to develop.

Self-Service. It was fun and exciting but also challenging to experience their services in the restaurants, hotels, convenient stores, or even the transportation. Most of the places encourage self-service because their technology is enough for the customers to know their way around. So, if you will plan a trip to Japan, you would want to research a bit or else you’ll get stuck in some hotel trying to figure out what to do with some stuff. He-he. Just kidding.

Passion for Sports. As a sporting goods manufacturing company, baseball is one of the sports that my previous company cater and we had a chance to watch a live baseball game. The teams were Orix Buffaloes vs. Saitama Seibu Lions at the Hotto Motto Kobe Field. It was my first time and I was really excited. I personally appreciated how Japanese love baseball. Even before we went inside, I can hear the cheering of the audience that made me hoot in delight. There were almost a thousand of audience inside the field which consisted of kids, teenagers, adults, and even old ones. Though it rained in the middle of the game, the audience still did not leave. They waited until the rain subsided and continued rooting for their best team. At last, I finally understood how baseball is played, with all its rules. This is the best part of the trip for me because after realizing the pressure and big challenge that we will face when we go back to work, we finally had the privilege to watch how exciting the game is in which the products are used. We were privileged to be able to share their love and excitement for this sport, even for just a short time.

Discipline and Trust. So often has it been said that Japanese are very much disciplined. Some of our Japanese bosses even said that they liked it here more in the Philippines as their impression of us Pinoy’s are happy-go-lucky and down-to-earth, no pressure in following all the rules. Hearing it, I became proud of how our culture affects other citizens, but not until I saw the Japanese culture. I then began to wish that our country can adapt some of their present practices.

  1. They are very organized and systematic. All the places we went to have systematic processes which all the citizens follow that even the smallest item has its own proper location.
  2. They value time. They move, walk, and talk in a manner that they mean no time should be wasted. Even the Japanese staff who were with us ensured that we are in time with our schedule.
  3. They all follow their system and their rules. Their clean environment is proof enough of their discipline. Also, I saw how trust is very important in their work as well as their way of living. They even have this vegetable stall in the street without any salesman. All you have to do to “buy” is pick up the vegetable or fruit that you like and leave the payment in the money container.
  4. They are very professional in terms of work and business. They are actually very workaholic, working to show their support to their family. Even the old ones still work (as security guard, convenient store cashier, etc.) Even so, I also noticed that they are generally courteous: they make sure that they will not pass by other people without giving a small greeting.  

Even for a short period of time that we were there and with all the pressure from work and busy people around, I was privileged and grateful to be able to see and understand the culture and way of living in Japan. Though I am not in the same company now, I will definitely not forget the learnings and experiences that I’ve gained from that trip, especially with my seniors who were with me. With that, gratitude overwhelmed me, and I will always feel that way. (Uh-oh, I guess I’m reminiscing. Better end this article before I cry and the tone becomes all mushy or something…)

It was only after that trip when I’ve realized that discipline is important for a nation to improve and develop its potentials. Japan, before, is not as civilized as it is now, but it has built its own reputation through the years and the citizen’s discipline definitely has a great contribution. Discipline may seem like a trite word especially for millennials like me, but I’ve witnessed it in action, I’ve seen the result, and what better thought would I have in mind? Will it sound gibberish if I say (or write) that this is what our country needs now?

For the travellers out there, I would definitely recommend to include this country in your list. You’ll not only enjoy the trip, but you’ll get home packed with a lot of personal learnings, mainly about discipline in various aspects, that you’d want to adapt. Well, I hope. 🙂

Not yet done inserting photos. I am still filtering my album and selecting pictures that are best to go with this article. 🙂


Who am I?
Why am I here?
Is life to love
Or a thing to fear?

Why am I?
Why do I live?
Am I to take
Or am I to give?

What use am I?
What can I do?
Were you my friend
Or just one I knew?

Is there love?
Is it great?
May I love
Or must I wait?

What is love?
I really don’t know,
Is it just there
Or does it grow?

Who are my friends?
Who are my foes?
Can I trust anyone?
Nobody knows.

Why am I happy?
Why do I cry?
Why am I living?
When do I die?

by: Linda Kay Bishop