You. Yes, you.

Rumors are already flying all over about you. People are already gossiping. Hindi maganda. Whatever you are doing, please, stop it. And don’t you go over the point na hindi ikaw ang unang lumapit. The heck whoever made the first move. Screw that. It’s time to stop now. May nasasaktan na. You know you can make it stop. You always have a choice, yet you’re always making the wrong ones affecting other families’ lives. Kailangan mo pa ba talagang hintaying magkaron ng gulo para lang itigil mo/nyo? Please… for family’s sake, make the first move to stop.

Don’t you realize that you deserve someone unattached? So is your child. Are you that shallow not to realize?

This is not a threat. I am concerned for the people affected by what you and that guy’s doing. I hope that you will consider this as a splash of cold water in your face. Sana matauhan ka.



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