To where the meeting of blue and lea can be beheld.
To the place where lushes fields abound and proud buildings erect.
To the well-engineered roads surrounded with still mountains.
To the streets of reserved colors mixed with sparkling lights.
To where formality is needed yet treats can make one childlike.
To a foreign country where being at home can be felt.
To where I am a stranger yet the feeling of belonging overwhelms me.
Take me back. Right now.



I can’t believe this is happening
I can still remember people saying,
“You’ll no longer be a single man,
all your happy days will be gone.”

But as I stand here right now
and in front of God I’ve made my vow,
this day when I accepted you as my wife
is surely the happiest day of my life.

Today will be the start of forever
we’ll be facing each new day together.
Believe me; every word I say is true.
And so, please say “I do”.

wedding song

I attended a wedding of my friend. My favorite part is when he read his vows to his bride. He actually cried! The words were slurred and they weren’t much to make the scene the most romantic but the emotion just made me shed tears of joy myself seeing this happy couple being bonded in front of God. The event was so sweet I just had to put it into brief, “cheesy” words…