The Truth

I wanted answers.
I wanted the truth.
Then, I suddenly found it.
Right under my nose.
Alas, it wasn’t what I expected.
I was shocked.
I was in denial.
Until I lost track of everything.
Little did I realize that the truth that I denied
is the same truth that made me free.
And I’ve never felt so free before…

John 8:32
“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”




All my life I’ve been on this journey

To seek for something that I really fancy.

I do not own one, what a pity.

Everyone has their own, except for me.

I met others who also covet

A thing that they desire but didn’t get.

They kept me company, often we got lost,

As we all attempted to look for Oz.

As I travelled with them, I grasp on my situation.

‘How unfair life is to me’, this is my notion.

I envied others, big time, it made me thwart.

Woe to me, for I do not possess a heart.

I watched them, those who have been blessed.

I spied on them; I didn’t even take a rest.

I saw how they made use of their own,

While I never had a chance to use mine alone.

I saw how some used it in a wrong way,

Others got hurt while others went astray.

Some have it but they never even use it

And some gave it away to those who didn’t deserve it.

It doesn’t seem like they want to have one

Since they don’t bother to take care of it until it’s gone.

That was when I began telling myself

‘When I got one, I’ll treasure it more than wealth’.

What I didn’t realize in my quest

Is that all along, I already have the best.

While I’m toiling to seek for it everywhere,

I didn’t realize it’s alreasy here somewhere.

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